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"The potential for business architecture in an organization is significant and the return on investment for tools far outweighs the cost. Excellent tools exist today."

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"Lightweight business architecture tools are emerging that can help bridge the gap between desktop tools and high-end architecture tools."

Introducing Jibility

The lightweight tool for business architects to create capability-based strategic roadmaps

Achieve alignment faster with a business-friendly approach

Jibility simplifies strategy alignment by utilizing business-friendly language that resonates with all stakeholders. Our platform emphasizes clarity, using straightforward terms directly tied to business outcomes and strategic objectives.

This approach ensures that teams can quickly understand and align with the overarching strategy, fostering effective communication and faster consensus.

Highly visual and boardroom-ready strategic roadmaps

Jibility streamlines the development of executive-ready strategic roadmaps by integrating predefined building blocks and customizable templates. Align each roadmap with your organization's key strengths and goals.

This tool is ideal for business architects and strategists aiming to create clear, actionable plans that engage executive teams.

Get started in under two minutes with our web-based platform

Jibility is significantly faster to sign up and get started with compared to complex enterprise architecture tools.

An agile way to build your minimum viable strategic roadmap faster

Rapidly develop your minimum viable strategic roadmap. Our flexible platform allows for seamless navigation between capabilities, initiatives, and the roadmap, adapting swiftly to executive feedback and evolving business needs.

This iterative process ensures that your strategy remains dynamic and responsive, allowing for continuous refinement and alignment with your organization's goals.

Easily Justify Strategic Initiatives With a 2x2 Prioritization Matrix

Jibility excels by incorporating a simple yet effective 2x2 prioritization matrix. Visualize and prioritize work packages, with an intuitive lasso tool to group priorities and update cost estimates dynamically.

Capture cost estimates against your workflow, enhancing your ability to manage strategy to execution within budget and time constraints.

Become your organization’s strategic leader

Elevate your role to that of a strategic leader within your organization with Jibility. Our platform empowers you with the tools and insights needed to guide and shape high-impact strategies.

By harnessing Jibility's comprehensive features, you become the driving force behind effective decision-making and long-term vision, steering your organization towards success.


What customers say about our lightweight business architecture software

Connecting strategy to execution has never been more straightforward

Peter Nichol
CTO, OROCA Innovations
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Ensures changes are aligned to overarching strategic vision

Mei Z.
Senior International Development Consultant, TiEG
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A tool with a logical and effective framework for understanding capabilities

Commercial Director at Unicomer
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A great, simple to use, capability planning strategy development tool

Andy R.
Infrastructure Architect,
University of Sheffield
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