What is a business value stream?

A business value stream represents a chain of business activities that delivers stages of value outcome to the business along that chain. Every bu...

What Is a Strategy Roadmap?

A strategic roadmap is not simply a strategy or an implementation plan. It's the bridge between the two that keeps organizations on track.

What Is a Capability Map?

A capability map is a visual representation of an organization's capabilities, showing how they are related and what needs to change.

Nonprofit Strategic Planning: Guided Roadmap Example

Follow this guided nonprofit strategic planning example to prioritize your initiatives and build a pragmatic way forward.

4 Steps to Accelerate Nonprofit Strategic Planning

Speed up and simplify your nonprofit's strategic planning process with Jibility's 4-step method — applicable with or without our tool.

What Is Capability-Based Planning?

The theory behind capability-based planning is that organizations with superior capability to execute strategy are the ones that will succeed.

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