How Jibility started

Jibility was founded by a team of business and technology consultants based in Australia.

For more than 25 years, our founding team had consulted to many organizations, from large multinationals to regional businesses, right through to local nonprofits. We worked closely with our customers, helping them to develop visionary business and technology strategies. Working in unison with the leadership teams, we employed a wide variety of leading strategy tools and theories. We documented the strategies in detail and helped communicate them to the teams and key stakeholders. We left these organizations prepped and primed to execute.

Then we checked in on these organizations after a year or so had passed.

A few had executed amazingly well on their strategy. But most had not. The easy, business-as-usual stuff had generally been done, but anything that required the organization to change was languishing.

There was nothing wrong with the strategies, but the organizations had struggled to effect the organizational changes required for successful implementation.

There were many reasons for this, but there was one consistent pattern. The challenge lay in coherently navigating from a high-level articulation of the business strategy to a detailed articulation of the initiatives and tactical actions needed for implementation.

These organizations needed a dedicated strategic roadmap that showed them the way to bridge the gap between strategy and implementation. We searched everywhere for a simple method and tool for creating such a roadmap. We found nothing — and so we built our own: Jibility.

Jibility’s mission is to help organizations solve their strategic challenges by providing leaders with a method and tool to visualize and realize the way forward. It is a lightweight software tool for building strategic roadmaps, with an in-built method that has its roots in capability-based planning. By guiding users through this method, Jibility enables leaders to build their strategic roadmaps in a way that is clear, logical, and easy to communicate to stakeholders.

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The creators of Jibility are business architecture consultants who have helped many large and small organizations translate their vision and goals into a strategic roadmap (strategy to execution).  


Having grown from strength to strength, Jibility is now used by many consulting businesses around the world to support their clients through the strategic planning process.
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Jibility is a highly visual tool for building strategic roadmaps quickly and easily, helping you to focus on the rights things for your organization.

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