Who are the Jibility Team?

Jibility was created by a team of business and IT consultants based in Australia.

Following careers that spanned the UK, USA, Australia, Germany and more, we began to wonder if there was an easier way for companies to tackle one of the challenges that we encountered time after time: bridging that gap between strategic vision and successful execution.

We couldn’t find a simple software solution that fitted the bill, so we decided to create it ourselves. Combining a flair for entrepreneurship with our global business expertise, we launched Jibility in 2018.

Global strategy roadmap experience

Why did we build Jibility?

Across our careers, we found ourselves encountering similar challenges across very different clients again and again:

  • Many organizations struggle to articulate how their implementation plan actually aligns with their strategy.

  • Translating strategic vision into an implementation plan is often ad hoc and difficult without a dedicated method or tool.

  • Only larger organizations can afford help from consultants…

  • … but even those who can afford consultants sometimes struggle to understand their output. Then when the consultants leave, a great deal of knowledge can go with them.

Broadly speaking, 80% of organizations seem to face these challenges. If they’re so prevalent, why couldn’t we spend 20% of our time reusing common solutions and focus 80% on our unique challenges?

Yet we couldn’t find any tools out there that were designed to assist with these common problems. There are many tools dedicated to strategy development, and even more devoted to implementation. But where was a tool to link the two?

And so Jibility was born: a product that encapsulates our years of experience in a simple follow-the-bouncing-ball process that anyone can use to create, own and share their strategy roadmap.

Bringing together strategy and execution

YOW conference founder support

Adding to the team’s own experience has been the valued support of Dave Thomas, Founder and Chairman of YOW! Australia and Chief Scientist for Kx Systems in Canada. Dave has been onboard in an advisory capacity since Jibility’s early days, providing insights and guidance that stem from a prominent career in technology, software engineering and innovation.

Find out how Jibility helps you focus on the right things

Jibility is a highly visual tool for building strategy roadmaps quickly and easily, helping you to focus on the rights things for your organization.

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