Free ebook: Strategic Roadmaps
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This free ebook is your essential guide to the concepts, methods and techniques behind strategic roadmaps,
encapsulated in a unique method: the Jibility Steps.

Written by world-class business and IT consultants, the book takes you through illustrative case studies and
real-life examples of what works – and what doesn’t – when it comes to making your strategy successful.

Introduces a simple methodology

The book walks you through a 6-step process for building a strategic roadmap: the Jibility Steps.

The Jibility Steps form a logical and comprehensive approach for bridging the gap between strategy and execution. It incorporates industry-recognized capability-based planning techniques in a unique way that is simple and accessible.

Book excerpt showing Jibility's six steps
Book excerpt showing an example of a strategic planning canvas
Demonstrates how to use the canvas template

Discover worked examples of the Jibility Canvas. Following the 6 stages of the Jibility Steps, this is the ideal tool for pitching or presenting a concise overview of your strategic roadmap.

Illustrates with 3 case study stories

Follow 3 model companies as they go through the process of building their strategic roadmap following the 6 Jibility Steps. Based on some of our real-life consulting engagements.

Book excerpt introducing the RedYabber case study
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