“A tool with a logical and effective framework for understanding capabilities ”

The step-by-step guidance in Jibility provided a simple way to introduce and incorporate capability-based planning. Following the Jibility Steps gave me an effective framework to confidently facilitate several strategic planning sessions with executive colleagues.

I work in a complex organization with multiple brands, so understanding our capabilities is essential. A lot of tools do not account for capability-based planning, which for me is the most important component of successful strategy execution. Jibility made it easy to introduce capability-based planning to the rest of the leadership team, so we could drill down into our organization’s capabilities before deciding what to do next.

One of Jibility’s best features is its logical approach. Thinking about challenges and opportunities at the very start sets up a clear framework. It asks all the right questions to open your mind to possibilities and make the right decisions. The links between steps are helpful for keeping focus and telling a story of where you are and where you want to go. It’s easy to demonstrate to stakeholders and key decision-makers how different initiatives link back to our capabilities and our strategic goals.

The support provided by the Jibility team was extremely helpful. The tutorial videos are useful for quick reference, but the one-to-one support is particularly valuable and has helped me become an expert in the tool and method. I find it easy to use and I am also now training others! In the future, I look forward to Jibility’s continued development of capability-based planning training materials and improved visual export options.

Janet S.

Commercial Director, Unicomer

“A great, simple to use, capability planning strategy development tool ”

Jibility have been excellent. Really friendly but not pushy. They are based in Australia (I am in the UK) but they were still able to quickly answer my queries and even did a live session with me.

This is a great way to easily visualise capability planning work but also has an excellent workflow that guides you through challenges, objectives, capabilities, actions, and initiatives to produce a roadmap to take your business forward. At first glance it appears quite ‘basic’ but, if you use the pro level filters and tags it allows you to create as many views and viewpoints as you like to display your capability/strategy information.

The free, companion e-book is really excellent. It takes you the theory of capability-based strategy development and the practice of doing it with this tool.

It should be understood that this is not a traditional, monolithic EA tool – it is there just to do your capability-based planning, strategy development and roadmapping. This is what I needed and was able to produce, in a week, a view of our critical capabilities and roadmap that would have taken me ages in a fully fledged EA tool. It depends what you want but the learning curve is almost zero and it did what I need to do when I needed to do it… I would suggest having a go with the free tier and seeing if it works for you. I did and got hooked.

Andy R.

Infrastructure Architect, University of Sheffield

“Ensures changes are aligned to overarching strategic vision ”

Jibility is a tool for building strategic roadmaps that helps prioritise key elements quickly and easily. [We used it] to present recommendations and suggest roadmaps [while conducting research and analysis into ending child labour and promoting sustainable cocoa production in Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana.

The Jibility method includes capability-based analysis and planning methods to ensure that suggested changes are aligned to the overarching strategic vision.

Mei Z.

Senior International Development Consultant, Transport & Infrastructure Expertise Group EZHZ (TiEG)

“Connecting strategy to execution has never been more straightforward ”

Connecting strategy to execution has never been more straightforward. Whether you envision an enterprise data strategy, refining your organizational security footprint, or driving digital transformation, by leveraging the power of Jibility, leaders can immediately connect goals to the action!

Peter Nichol

CTO, OROCA Innovations

“A clear way to capture strategy, challenges and opportunities, and align the organization on priorities ”

[Jibility] provides a very clear way to capture strategy, challenges and opportunities, and align the organization on priorities. Capability-based planning provides a useful way to demonstrate what needs to change. Jibility saves a lot of time by providing an easy way to capture and maintain strategy execution information, from that making it simple to produce documentation with its automated document generation.

Christopher Organ

Director and Founder, Futureprojex