The strategy roadmapping blog

An article collection from the Jibility co-founders

Roadmap creator tool blog

How to Build a Roadmap Properly with a Roadmap Creator

Using a roadmap creator tool can reduce the time required to build your roadmap, increase your effectiveness, and help you make smarter decisions.

SWOT blog

SWOT – So What?

SWOT helps with your understanding – but so what? When formulating a way forward, you need more than just a point-in-time view of the organization.

Startup roadmap blog

A Startup Roadmap: The Missing Ingredient for your Startup’s Business Plan

A startup strategy roadmap is a key planning tool that helps you focus on what matters most for your startup.

Design thinking, lean startup and agile in the context of strategy roadmaps

Develop a Strategy Roadmap with Design Thinking, Lean Startup and Agile

Keep pace with change by applying a combination of these three methodologies.

How to create a digital transformation strategy roadmap blog

How to Create a Digital Transformation Strategy Roadmap

The what, why and how of building a roadmap for your digital transformation strategy.

How to prioritize projects and initiatives blog

Prioritization Matrix Examples

How to evaluate initiatives’ value and risk, then plot them on a 2×2 prioritization matrix.

Business architecture tools blog

Business Architecture Tools

Business architecture tools can be grouped into three categories, each with pros and cons.

Capability-based planning blog

What Is Capability-Based Planning?

The planning approach that ensures changes align with strategic vision.

Capability mapping blog

What Is a Capability Map?

Like a street map, a capability map helps you get to your final destination.

Jibility Blog: What is a Roadmap?

What Is a Roadmap?

There are many different types of roadmap: strategic, product, technology, marketing, even career roadmaps.

Communicate your strategy through visualizations and infographics

How to Communicate Your Strategy Effectively

Boil your strategy down to its essence to keep it simple, then communicate it with clear visuals.

Get consensus on strategic Initiatives Blog

How to Get Consensus When You Have Too Many Strategic Initiatives

This is the business planning process you need to move forward when faced with too few resources for too many initiatives.

What is a strategy roadmap blog

What Is a Strategy Roadmap?

The basics: what is a strategy roadmap, why do you need one and where do you start?

6 steps for developing a strategy roadmap blog

6 Steps for Developing a Strategy Roadmap

Make a complex process simple by breaking it down into these six steps.

4 features of an effective strategy roadmap method blog

4 Features of an Effective Strategy Roadmap Method

You need a solid approach to make your strategy work.

Product portfolio roadmap blog

What Is a Product Portfolio Roadmap?

A product portfolio roadmap ensures that you don’t waste resources in the wrong products at the wrong time. Here is how to create one.


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