Strategic roadmaps for Strategy Consultants

Close your client’s strategy execution gap with Jibility’s unique method

Time-saving content libraries

Comprehensive libraries of pre-defined content form the building blocks of your roadmap.

Fast strategic roadmaps

Master a simple and logical approach for building strategic roadmaps in record time.

Next-level prioritization

Quickly visualize and prioritize initiatives against value and risk/effort with our interactive matrix.

Highly visual and presentable roadmaps

Publish any stage of your work in PDF,
image, Excel or PowerPoint formats.

Substantiated budget and prioritization

Capture cost estimates for your
actions and initiatives.

Versatile methods to suit your client mix

Extensive experience serving enterprise
clients with complex security

Jibility features Strategy Consultants love
Build a strategic roadmap that delivers results for your clients

Jibility’s unique methodology, helps your clients understand how you empower them to close the strategy execution gap. Use Jibility to build roadmaps that ensure everyone is aligned with the strategy and knows how to achieve it.

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Know your plan is moving your client in the right direction

Feel confident in the effectiveness of your roadmap with synchronized challenges, objectives, and initiatives that show exactly how your decisions link back to achieving the strategic vision.

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Work on what's important first; worry about the rest later

Jibility takes prioritization to the next level. With built-in cost and benefit analysis, you can easily plan work packages ensuring the most important initiatives are completed first - on time and within budget.

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Ensure stakeholder buy-in with Jibility’s unique method

It has never been easier to qualify your strategy execution decisions, Jibility takes the hard work out of demonstrating how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together to bring a strategic vision to life.

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Strategy roadmap - Jibility
Strategy roadmap
Deliver value faster than ever

Spend less time writing reports and presentations and more time delivering value. Jibility goes beyond generic templates and provides unique building-blocks that slot together to build a strategic roadmap in record time.

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Work seamlessly with a tool built for roadmapping

With Jibility’s agile approach to strategic roadmap design, you can work iteratively backwards and forwards through the 4-step or 6-step method. Jibility seamlessly synchronizes all changes between steps to support all your approaches, no matter how varied.

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Jibility strategy roadmaps
Strategy roadmap export options
Gain consensus from stakeholders fast

Create minimum viable roadmaps rapidly and receive feedback early. With multiple highly-visual file export options, you can easily ensure stakeholder buy-in.

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